Frequently Asked Questions

The Canary sensors detect movement in the same way that most burglar alarms do, by using passive infra-red technology. There are also temperature and light sensors within each unit to give you more information about the home environment.

You can create rules for each individual sensor to warn you if something doesn't appear right, for instance if there's no movement outside of the bedroom after 9am.

Included in the monitoring service are:

  • All mobile communication costs from your relative’s home to Canary HQ
  • Monitoring & interpretation of all data on Movement, Temperature, Light and Visitor Cards
  • All costs related to sending of SMS and Email alerts

We're confident you won't!

But if you do, you can return the complete Canary system within 30 days of receipt to receive a full refund of the system cost.

Monthly contracts for the subscription can be cancelled at any time and payments will stop one month after cancellation, for systems which have been purchased (immediately for systems which are rented).

No, Canary has its own built-in mobile connection so your relative doesn’t need either a phone line or Internet connection. 

In order to receive alerts you will need access to email and/or a mobile phone. Access to your Canary account you will need access to the internet.

We’re confident that Canary can cover over 99.5% of UK houses.

Canary uses all UK networks and seeks to find the best available signal on any network. If you find that there are issues with mobile coverage, you can take advantage of our 14-day returns policy for a full refund.

At Canary we take privacy seriously.

All the collected data is encrypted and transferred to our secure, UK-based servers using secure internet protocols – ensuring that data is only accessible to those authorised for access. We conform to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Canary and pendant/ personal alarms work in different ways. A pendant alarm can be used to ensure help will be provided in an emergency situation when activated by the user.     Canary is always on, providing reassurance 24/7 and does not require any activation by the user. Notifications will be sent to you if anything out of the ordinary occurs.