Meet Thelma's son

Care when you can’t be there

“It’s been really good having Canary Care to support Mum living in her own home. Because I work full-time and cannot be with her all day, it’s really reassuring to know that I can see how Mum is without bothering her.”

Easy to set up

“I found it surprisingly easy to set up and access my account. It’s not intrusive, it doesn’t have cameras, so Mum’s dignity and privacy are protected.”

Supporting your loved one’s routine

“One of the concerns I have about Mum’s dementia is whether she is remembering to have three meals a day, so we set up a sensor on the fridge door so we can see when she has accessed the fridge. We have set up a notification so that if the fridge is not opened in the morning and afternoon we get an e mail and can call to remind Mum to have a bite to eat.”

Managing health conditions

“With Mum’s condition, it’s difficult to know how her routine might change from day to day, but I’ve been able to see her routines from the charts, and that’s been really useful. It’s really innovative and clever. It’s provided real reassurance for me, and my mother is happy knowing that I can keep an eye on her without being intrusive.”

“I see people this could help all the time, and I would really recommend it to anyone.”

Choose the Canary package for you

Sale! 6-sensor package

Our most popular package, with 20% off equipment and low monthly subscription fees.

from £306.24
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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4 Sensor Package

Ideal for smaller homes or to measure basic activity information.

from £298.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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1 Sensor Package

For when you have a specific need to monitor movement, temperature or door activity in one room.

from £202.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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2 Sensor Package

Perfect starter system to monitor movement in one location and activity on a single door.

from £238.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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8 Sensor Package

Perfect for monitoring all the important rooms and doorways, plus a deeper dive into activity like eating and drinking, and taking medication.

from £466.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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10 Sensor Package

Our biggest package, for larger houses. Monitor all key rooms/doors or use multiple sensor per room to get more granular data.

from £550.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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Our prices include VAT. If you're using Canary Care for someone who is chronically sick or disabled, they may be eligible for VAT relief. You can check VAT relief eligibility on the HMRC website.