About Canary

Canary is a monitoring system designed to help people live in their own homes for longer.

It works by monitoring movement and temperature levels within the home. It doesn't use cameras or microphones and offers peace of mind while still respecting your loved one's privacy.

Canary is very simple to set up without professional help or DIY expertise - all you need to do is follow the simple installation instructions and you can set Canary up in minutes.

Canary can also be customised so that you control how, when and why you receive a notification.

Canary allows you to see at a glance if everything is as it should be:

Discreet sensors constantly monitor movement, light and temperature levels.

This information is relayed to your mobile, computer or laptop so you can see if everything is as it should be.

Canary will alert you by text and/or email if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

How does Canary work?

Canary uses sensors like this to capture the movement of a person, the ambient temperature in the home and whether and which callers have visited during the day. It can also monitor if a person has left or returned to their home. All of this information is recorded and sent to your phone, laptop or PC in an easy to read chart to show you at a glance whether everything is OK. The sensors are not filming or recording, so it is an unobtrusive method of feeling a bit closer to your loved one and for them to feel a bit closer to you, without invading their space.

So that you don’t have to constantly be looking at your screen, you can set your own Rules so that Canary can look out for specific things like lack of, or increased movement or a change in temperature and notify you about this, via an email or text message.

What are you waiting for?

If like many others you think that Canary can help add a little reassurance to you and your loved one's life,
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