How Canary can help?

Canary can help people live in their own homes for as long as possible by making older and vulnerable people feel secure and by providing round the clock reassurance to their families.

There may be times when you are particularly worried, such as:

  • Before or after a spell in hospital
  • After a bereavement
  • If you are concerned about memory loss
  • Following a diagnosis of dementia /Alzheimer’s disease
  • After a fall

 At these times, Canary provides peace of mind to both the older person and their family that family help is never far away. 

Have you ever asked yourself...

Have they fallen?

Canary enables you to see if your relative is moving around the home and can send you a notification if they haven't moved for a specified time.

Have they taken their medication?

Canary enables you can to see if your relative has been into the room where the medication is kept at the time the medication should be taken. A notification can be sent if they haven't been in this room at the expected time.

Are they keeping to a routine?

Over time, Canary allows you to see the normal routine of your relative. You will also be able to identify if there are any changes to the routine - for example, if they get up in the night more often than expected. Canary can send you an notification if anything outside their normal routine occurs.

Are visitors arriving and leaving as expected?

The Canary Visitor Card allows family members to see if an expected visitor has been. The visitor simply hold the card over the hub until it beeps. Canary can send you a notification if they haven’t arrived by a certain time. This can reassure you that regulat visitors such as carers and meal delivery services have been as expected.

Are they warm enough?

Canary allows you to see the temperature in the home and can notify you if it is too warm or too cold.

Have they got up in the morning at their usual time?

Canary can allow concerned family members to see if a relative has come out of the bedroom in the morning as expected and can notify you if they have not got up. This could indicate that they are not feeling well or feeling unable to get out of bed and face the day. A phone call from a friendly and familiar voice could provide real reassurance and comfort for the relative, who would otherwise feel alone.

Are they eating properly?

Canary can show you when your loved one has been into the kitchen. Canary can also notify you if your relative has not been into the kitchen as expected so that you can have a chat with your relative about if they are eating and drinking enough.

Are they coping after a recent bereavement?

For a spouse who has recently lost their partner, it can be a difficult, sad and lonely time. In addition, if their day was built around the other person, their routine may be disrupted. Canary can help families support their loved one by ensuring that routine, behaviours and habits are much the same as usual, and if not, help them to address this issue.

Their confidence is a little low, and I'd like to offer them some reassurance

Canary can offer reassurance to both the family and the older relative. The family can decide together when notifications should be sent, depending on the particular areas of concern. After stays in hospital, people can often feel weak and fragile and knowing that someone is keeping a discreet eye on them can be comforting.

Check for routine

Peace of mind for daily tasks, such as:

  • Is my loved one safely out of bed and visiting the bathroom reguarly?
  • Have they visited the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and any other mealtimes?
  • Have they safely made it to bed in the evening?
  • Have they gone out today?*
  • Have they safely returned home?*

*Door sensors can be bought as part of the premium package

Monitor temperature levels

Canary monitors temperature and can let you know when:

  • The temperature drops below a certain level in a certain room
  • The overall temperature of the house is too high or low

See if visitors or carers have been

Canary Visitor Cards can help you to:

  • Ensure your loved one's carer or a service such as a meal delivery have been at their regular time
  • Check whether or not an expected relative has visited
  • See how much company your loved one has had

What happens if something out of the ordinary occurs?

Receive instant notifications to your mobile and email

Canary will send a text and/or email if anything out of the ordinary occurs

For example:

  • If your loved one hasn't come out of the bedroom by 10am
  • If your loved one doens't go into the kitchen between 12 noon and 2pm i.e. at lunchtime
  • An expected carer hasn't turned up at their usual time

You can decide when you would like to receive a message

Canary is full of useful information to give you peace of mind

What are you waiting for?

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