Published on 2nd August 2017

Urinary tract infections are never near the top of anyone’s list of conversation topics but they can be serious and because of their intimate nature, are not raised or dealt with quickly, so can cause serious health complications.

Trying to get to the loo quickly in the night increases the risks of a fall quite dramatically.

Traditional home technology, such as a personal alarm cannot provide the right support, as it’s not an emergency, so why press the button?

Home monitoring systems are more preventative of health complications, so are able to show carers and family members the frequency of visits to the bathroom, which therefore highlights if there is a problem. A quick GP test will confirm the issue and it can be dealt with through a course of antibiotics. No hospital stay required, no ambulance trip, and risk of fall much reduced because the infection was dealt with early. A much better health outcome for all. 

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