COVID-19 A message from our MD

Published on 30th March 2020

To our customers and users,

In these uncertain times we hope that you and your family are safe and coping as best as you can. We would like to reassure you that Canary Care continues to operate our business as usual during this time and that you should not see any changes to our normal service and support capabilities. 

We are acutely aware that many of you are relying on Canary Care to help support the most elderly and vulnerable in our society. We won’t let you down.

As a digital business, our team was already well-used to remote-working, so the transition to everyone working from home has been seamless. The availability of the Canary Care service is monitored 24/7 by our technical team and our global platform and connectivity partners. For customer-specific issues, our helpdesk is available during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), either by calling +44 1865 408366 or emailing [email protected].  

Thank you for being a Canary Care customer/user.   

Best wishes and good health to you and yours.


Dr Stuart Butterfield

Managing Director

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