Published on 20th January 2019

Canary Care is now available in 1 and 2 sensor packages

We are pleased to announce that, by popular demand, Canary Care is now available in one and two sensor packages. Prospective customers have told us that there are situations in which these smaller packages will suffice; especially since each multi-function sensor can be used as either a movement or door sensor (as well as recording temeperature and light levels).

A single sensor could be used on the main door, to monitor comings and goings at the property and, for example, to receive alerts if the door is opened at unexpected times. Alternatively, a motion sensor could be placed on the landing, stairs or in the hallway, to be sure your loved one is up and about each morning (and get an alert if they are not).  

The new one and two sensor packages are a cost-effective way to get started with Canary Care and to get peace of mind and reassurance that your loved one is okay.  Extra sensors can be added later, if required.

The new smaller packages are available now in our webshop. We've also added our largest 10 sensor package, for customers want to get the greatest detail about activity at a property.

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