Assessment & Reablement

Assessment & Reablement

Occupational Therapists across numerous Local Authority and private settings have found Canary invaluable for providing the evidence of daily living activities. It enables them to identify the right levels of care and other technology to support people at home:

  • Elderly and vulnerable
  • Mental health needs
  • Learning difficulties 

Canary can help to identify where support is needed with daily living activities, to provide service users with the confidence and skills they need to continue living at home: 

  • Accessing the kitchen at mealtimes
  • Mobility around the house
  • Restless nights or frequent bathroom visits 

Helping Paul stay independent in his own home

Paul's story

Following a urinary tract infection and short stay in hospital, Paul returned to his supported living accommodation but with an increase in his needs. He was making cups of tea in the night and regularly scalding himself. He had also been found in the carpark at night. 

How Canary helped

Through creative placement of sensors (one behind the kettle and one by the door), staff were immediately notified by text alerting when Paul was up, using his kettle, enabling them to go to his flat to support him. The system enables Paul to carry on with normal life, whilst providing him with the adequate support that he needs. 

A successful return home for Anne and over £16,000 of savings per year

Anne's story

Anne is a 91 year old lady who had a stroke which left her with decreased mobility and difficulty speaking. Canary showed that Anne was a lot more active than health professionals thought she would be. 

How Canary helped

Her support visits were reduced and recommendations made that Anne be discharged home with a small care package in place, instead of a move to residential accommodation, saving the local authority £16,536 per year.