Dementia Care

Dementia Support

Understanding the impact of a dementia diagnosis can be very unsettling both for the person and their family. Canary can provide reassurance and alert when an intervention may be required:

  • Ensuring they are remembering to eat and drink regularly
  • Keeping an eye out for unusual activity eg doors opened late at night
  • Noticing upset or disrupted routines

Mrs A North Staffordshire Carer’s Association

Life before Canary…

Mrs A is a 93-year-old lady who lives by herself in her own home. She has a close knit family who visit her regularly, but due to their other family commitments, cannot see her as much as she would like. Mrs A has been diagnosed with dementia and has a small package of care every morning, to prompt her to take her medication. She has been displaying increasing verbal aggression towards her carers and confusion about the time of day.

Connecting with Canary…

Mrs A’s son was concerned that his mother wasn’t going to bed as usual and wanted the Canary system to show objective data to confirm this. Sensors were placed downstairs in the lounge and the kitchen, and upstairs on the landing and in the bedroom.

Mrs A’s experience of Canary…

Mrs A’s son quickly saw that his mother wasn’t going to her bedroom at all and was in fact staying in the lounge for the whole night. This confirmed his fears. It also explained her increased irritability as a result of poor sleep, and her disorientation as a result of a lack in day- and night-specific activities. He tested her ability to walk up the stairs, which she was physically very able to do. For him, this indicated that she wasn’t going to bed because her cognitive decline was causing her to forget, and not because her physical capabilities were reduced. Based on this data, Mrs A’s son was able to contact his mother’s NHS community team and request an increase in her package of care, to include help with getting dressed and going to bed.

Canary Care was able to confirm to me that my mum wasn't going to bed in the evening, as no movement was recorded on either of the sensors upstairs. Based on this, I was able to contact services with this information to request a review of her care package, to include an additional visit to support her to bed. I was happy to have the objective view that Canary Care gave and be able to take action based on this.

JA, son