Coming home from hospital

Hospital discharge

We all need some extra support when returning home from hospital. This might be care, home adaptations or technology. Canary Care can highlight where the right support is needed: 

  • Accessing the kitchen at mealtimes
  • Mobility around the house
  • Help using the bathroom

Coming home from hospital is great, but can be scary, and people often need support to get back to normal at home. The network of support covers occupational therapists, physiotherapists and other care professionals as well as family and neighbours. Technology like Canary Care can help provide evidence of the daily activities that are being managed really well, and also those where some extra help is needed. With the data Canary Care provides, supporters can make informed choices about what extra help is needed and when. Canary Care is helping people get back to their normal routine more quickly and more safely 

Canary Care in Coventry


Return on investment (over two years)


Staff members trained


Care workers say that Canary Care has benefited support


Systems deployed versus an initial roll-out plan of 20

Staff benefits

Delivering clear, accurate assessments within limited time-frames

Service user benefits

Offering insight into needs to enable delivery of personalised approach

Benefits to commissioners

Delivering cost-savings, demonstrating improved outcomes for service users

We have also seen Canary Care play a key role in increasing staff confidence in technology, leading to further technology within schemes and a significant increase in telecare referrals.

Nathan Downing Telecare Project Manager, Coventry City Council