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Having this system in place is just a godsend. I couldn’t live without it now

Jill, Northern Ireland

It gives me peace of mind

MC, West Midlands

It‘s reassuring to know that she is moving around and when the carers have been in and when they haven’t

DL, London

I could not recommend this product more highly. It is such a helpful system for all the family

KL, East Lothian

Canary Care let me know that Dad was out of bed, and therefore not ill, and that he was in his routine. The alerts I put in place would also allow me to know if he had fallen and couldn't move. It was a great reassurance.

Jane L

My partner has Alzheimer's dementia. For anyone living with dementia, I strongly recommend having the Canary Care system installed in their home. There is an alert if the person leaves their home when they shouldn't. The Canary Care staff are very friendly and helpful and explain how the system works.

James C

What's included?

The Canary Care hub

Hub and power supply

Canary Care sensor


Canary Care Visitor Card

Visitor Card(s)

Canary Care Portal

...and a very clever portal

How does it work?

Choose the Canary package for you

Refurbished 6-sensor package

A refurbished 6-sensor package, at a huge discount versus the price of a new system and with low monthly subscription fees.

from £267.96
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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6 Sensor Package

Great for covering more rooms and doorways, and where you’re looking for that extra level of insight.

from £382.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

See package details

4 Sensor Package

Ideal for smaller homes or to measure basic activity information.

from £298.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

See package details

1 Sensor Package

For when you have a specific need to monitor movement, temperature or door activity in one room.

from £202.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

See package details

2 Sensor Package

Perfect starter system to monitor movement in one location and activity on a single door.

from £238.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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8 Sensor Package

Perfect for monitoring all the important rooms and doorways, plus a deeper dive into activity like eating and drinking, and taking medication.

from £466.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

See package details

10 Sensor Package

Our biggest package, for larger houses. Monitor all key rooms/doors or use multiple sensor per room to get more granular data.

from £550.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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Our prices include VAT. If you're using Canary Care for someone who is chronically sick or disabled, they may be eligible for VAT relief. You can check VAT relief eligibility on the HMRC website.

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