Canary Care & a Personal Alarm

Canary Care & a Personal Alarm

What is Canary

The discreet, wireless sensors monitor movement, temperature and door activity around the home, which you can view from anywhere via a very clever portal. You don’t need an internet connection, or a phone line and you can enable text and email alerts for when you want to provide more support.

How Canary Complements a Personal  Alarm

Traditional alarm buttons or pendants are familiar and an important part of elderly care, allowing for a quick response to a critical, event. Canary is not designed to replace that, but rather it aims to provide insights earlier, which would allow carers to intervene to prevent that crisis from occurring.

Canary provides constant discreet monitoring giving insight into activity and behaviour. This can help prevent critical events by allowing families or carers to spot the warning signs early and taking proactive action to help and support. For example, spotting if a loved one isn’t sleeping or not cooking for themselves.

How Canary helps

Canary helps take away the worry of supporting a loved one to stay independent by:

  • Giving you the peace of mind of knowing a loved one is being monitored 24/7
  • Ensuring your loved one is looking after themselves properly
  • Allowing you to spot unusual activity or disrupted routines before they become a problem
  • Helping you make good decisions
  • Giving you insight into their lives, not just data

How Canary works

All you do is place the wireless battery-powered sensors around the home to monitor your loved one's activities and get useful insights.

The information is sent to your Canary Care portal. The sensors are battery powered and the hub uses mobile data to send the information, so no need for a landline or broadband.

Choose the Canary package for you

8 Sensor Package

Perfect for monitoring all the important rooms and doorways, plus a deeper dive into an activity like eating and drinking, and taking medication.

from £238.80
with a £31.20/month subscription*

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6 Sensor Package

Great for covering more rooms and doorways, and where you’re looking for that extra level of insight.

from £178.80
with a £31.20/month subscription*

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4 Sensor Package

Ideal for smaller homes or to measure basic activity information.

from £118.80
with a £31.20/month subscription*

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Our prices include VAT. If you're using Canary Care for someone who is chronically sick or disabled, they may be eligible for VAT relief. You can check VAT relief eligibility on the HMRC website.

Why Canary

There are many reasons to choose Canary to help your loved one stay independent longer, these include:

  • Non-intrusive, discreet sensors working 24/7. No microphones or cameras
  • Updates directly to your phone
  • Easy setup
  • 100% wireless, works without broadband or a landline
  • Multiple payment options to suit you
  • Monitor movement, temperature, bathroom visits, sleep, visitors, medication and more
  • Get notifications via text and/or email
  • Lets you set up 'calling circles' to communicate with family, friends and carers in an instant 
  • Your own Canary Care portal
  • Trusted by local authorities and home care companies

How Canary has helped others

Meet Walter's daughter

A view of what’s normal

“We’ve benefited hugely from Dad having Canary Care. It’s given us more insight into his regular patterns and routines. If we notice that there’s something out of the ordinary, or we receive a notification, it’s usually because there’s something worrying him.”

Peace of mind 

“As a family, we live a long way away, and Canary Care has given us peace of mind that Dad’s OK – particularly when we can’t reach him by phone. It’s a quick and easy way of finding out that he is up in the morning, and has prevented a lot of unplanned trips to call in to ensure everything is well.

Helpful alerts

“The temperature readings are also really helpful. They alerted us that Dad’s heating was broken, and we got someone in to fix it much quicker than would otherwise have been possible. It’s a really helpful system for all the family, on a daily basis.”

Walter's daughter

Phone calls are now more about a nice conversation and a catch-up, rather than checking in to see that he’s OK.

Sarah – Walter’s daughter

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