Canary Care is perfect for spotting things early and making decisions about care

Night-time icon Thinking about night-time care?
Hospital icon Are care visits happening?
Memory loss icon Worries about memory loss?
Pendant alarm icon Thinking about a pendant alarm?
Knife and fork icon Are they eating enough?

Having this system in place is just a godsend. I couldn’t live without it now

Jill, Cheshire

Canary Care and personal alarms

In the hunt for technology to support older relatives living at home, the first port of call is often a panic button or a pendant alarm. They can be very helpful but need to be close at hand and activated to be effective.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could pre-empt falls and mishaps, and prevent them from happening at all? That’s what makes Canary Care different.

Canary Care - It puts you in control

It puts you in control

and alerts you if something is wrong

Canary Care - It’s always on

It’s always on

24 hours a day, to give you peace of mind

Canary Care - It warns you early

It warns you early

bringing problems to your attention sooner

Canary Care - It gives you insight

It gives you insight

so you can make more informed decisions about care

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