Canary Care Portal example

The Canary Care portal

Log in to see your loved one’s daily routine and be reassured at a glance. Set rules to receive notifications via text and/or email prompting you to get in touch to check everything’s okay.

There is also the option to set up calling circles to share the care with family, friends and carers.

Monitoring activity

Monitor as much or as little as you like, for example:

See if Mum’s been in the kitchen yet this morning, and set a rule to let you know if she hasn’t. It could be that she’s not feeling too good – a quick call will let you know whether she needs help or not.

Canary Care Portal example showing movement

Frequent night-time bathroom visits could be the norm, or a sign of disturbed sleep that suggests something else isn’t right.

The portal helps you build up a picture of the normal routine, so you can spot anomalies early.

Canary Care Portal example showing bathroom visits

Visitor cards are included with the system and they allow you to see visitors come and go. Canary Care can alert you if someone doesn't arrive when expected, for example a scheduled carer.

If you are worried about late night wandering you can set rules to alert you if outside doors are opened between certain hours, or have been left open for too long.

Canary Care Portal example showing visitor activity

See at a glance whether your loved one is sleeping through, or getting up in the night. This kind of information is key when making decisions about when your loved one may need carer support.

Canary Care Portal example showing sleep patterns

Monitoring temperature

Keep an eye on the temperature remotely, and set a rule to let you know if it goes outside a set range in certain rooms.

Canary Care Portal example showing temperature monitoring

The possibilities are endless, you could also gain insights into:

Knife and fork iconFood and drink

Want to know more information about eating and drinking habits? You could place sensors on the fridge and by the tap to see what’s going on.

Medication iconMedication

Be reassured that forgetful loved ones are taking their tablets with a Canary Care sensor on the medicine cupboard.

Already have your system and need help setting it up?

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What's included within each Canary Care package

Choose the Canary package for you

Sale! 6-sensor package

Our most popular package, with 20% off equipment and low monthly subscription fees.

from £306.24
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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4 Sensor Package

Ideal for smaller homes or to measure basic activity information.

from £298.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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1 Sensor Package

For when you have a specific need to monitor movement, temperature or door activity in one room.

from £202.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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2 Sensor Package

Perfect starter system to monitor movement in one location and activity on a single door.

from £238.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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8 Sensor Package

Perfect for monitoring all the important rooms and doorways, plus a deeper dive into activity like eating and drinking, and taking medication.

from £466.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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10 Sensor Package

Our biggest package, for larger houses. Monitor all key rooms/doors or use multiple sensor per room to get more granular data.

from £550.80
with a £19.20/month subscription*

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Our prices include VAT. If you're using Canary Care for someone who is chronically sick or disabled, they may be eligible for VAT relief. You can check VAT relief eligibility on the HMRC website.

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