3rings recommends Canary Care as an alternative for its customers

Published on 21st December 2018

3rings recommends Canary Care as an alternative for its customers

Following the announcement that the 3rings service will terminate on 1st March 2019, Canary Care has been recommended by 3rings as an alternative for customers of its IoT Sensors and Plug products.

“Our service and customer base are very similar, so Canary Care is an obvious alternative.” says Stuart Butterfield, Managing and Technical Director of Canary Care. “We are delighted to help and can seamlessly provide an ongoing service to 3rings customers, thus ensuring uninterrupted care and monitoring.”

The Canary Care system is the closest to how the 3rings Plug and IoT Sensors work. Sensors placed around the home detect movement, door activity, temperature and light, all of which can be viewed in the Canary Care apps. Rules can be created to send notifications when triggered e.g. no activity has been detected during specific times.

3rings have recommended Canary Care to its customers, and a number of special offers are available to facilitate the transition. Go to https://news.3rings.co.uk/ for more information

About Canary Care Global Ltd

Canary Care is now trading as Canary Care Global Ltd, a fully-owned subsidiary of Lifecycle Software Ltd.

Canary Care supports carers and those with care needs by providing extremely simple to install monitoring services that help vulnerable people to remain living independently for longer. Used by families, local authorities and care organisations across the UK and in Europe, it uses sensors to gather information about daily routines to provide tangible insights about wellbeing. The information provided helps users to make the right call and prevent little niggles turning into bigger problems.

With information and alerts available via a web portal, mobile apps, email or text message, Canary Care is used as a tool by families and loved ones for peace of mind or as part of a more comprehensive care programme.

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